Frosted & Film Work

1)- Frosted Film: Available in static cling or self-adhesive variants. Translucent appearance, creating a frosted glass effect.

Uses : Enhances privacy for windows and glass partitions. Decorative applications for aesthetic appeal. Solar reflective options for heat and glare reduction.

Advantages: – Easy to apply and remove. Offers versatility with various types (decorative, security, colored). Provides a cost-effective solution for privacy and design.

2)- Customized or Printed Films: Tailored designs or patterns printed on the film. Customizable to match specific branding or decorative needs.-

Uses: Branding and signage on glass surfaces. Decorative elements for homes, offices, or retail spaces.

Advantages:- Personalized and unique visual branding. Customizable for various applications and industries. Enhances aesthetic appeal and promotes brand identity. Explore are offerings including Surface Protection Film and Sun Protection Film; Contact us for more details